Are you someone who loves to be stylish and trendy? Then this blog is the perfect place for you! With the arrival of winter, it has become essential for fashion-enthusiasts to update their wardrobes with appeals that offer both comfort and style. And what can be more flattering for winter fashion than a snug hand-knit sweater!

The best part of the hand-knit sweater is the versatility and convenience it offers. In fact, there is hardly any other winter apparel that you can style in so many different ways as knitwear. Pair your sweater with jeans, and you have the best casual look ready. Or layer up with cardigans, and you are ready to attend any formal meeting.

So, if you are planning to invest in sweaters this winter, here are a few styles that are trending presently:

The V Neck

While V necks were in fashion for quite some time, it seems that they are still the top choice. V necks instantly elevate the look of any bottom-wear and give the wearer a dressed-up look. Depending on how you style it, you can rock your V neck both as casual or formal attire. V necks can also be used for layering under coats and blazers.

Crew Neck

Another sweater style that is just as popular as the v neck is the Crew neck. From celebrities to fashion bloggers, the crew neck is being worn by just everyone now. The simple reason for this is that it flatters every body type. It can easily become your go-to outfit as you can simply slip it over your t-shirt. Crew Neck sweaters in a few of the natural colors can be an asset for any men’s wardrobe.


The pullovers, also popularly known as the half-zipped sweaters, are the most stylish cover for the bitter cold. Since they are meant to be a little baggy, you can easily slip in your thermals and t-shirt under them for those super cold mornings. If you are wearing your pullover to the office, wearing a collared shirt or t-shirt under it can easily add a formal touch to the whole look. For those who are not comfortable with zippers, the buttoned version of the pullover is just as good.


Gone are the times when cardigans were reserved for women. The new cardigan sweaters in Canada are styled and shaped in such a way that they look a perfect combo of a masculine modern fashion statement. Cardigans can be worn as layering with your leather jackets and overcoats. Or you can simply put on a hand-knitted cardigan as the top layer. You can also experiment with new looks with cardigans and scarves.


One sweater type that is never going to go out of trend is the turtlenecks. The woolen turtle necks are both warm and stylish and can be worn inside or outside. Turtlenecks in any of the darker shades can work well with any kind of style that you pick.

Now that you have the latest fashion list pick your favorite style, and make every eye turn this winter.

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