You have bought an expensive stylish sweater that can complement all types of outfits. But the color begins to fade, and lightning starts with the first wash or only a month of use. We understand how frustrating it can be!

Buying a good quality sweater jacket in Canada takes a more careful examination than only the superficial looks. There are several points that you need to consider so that your sweater is really worth your money. To help you in making the best buy, here are some tips that you can consider:

Feel the Sweater

The first important point that you must consider when you buy a sweater is its feel. If you run your hand through the sweater and feel that it is rough or itchy, it is not likely to offer a comfortable fit. Further, fibers that are sturdy or do not stretch easily do look very great when you wear them.

Go for the sweaters that feel soft and smooth. In that way, you can easily avoid the itchiness that is usually associated with woolens.

Opt For Natural Fibers

Sweaters are not just meant to be worn occasionally. Since they are usually worn regularly as the top layering, they have to handle the ravage of time. If your sweater is made from low-quality fabric, the chances are that it won’t last long. So, for a long-lasting, high-quality sweater, the usual advice forwarded by the experts is natural fibers.

A hand-knitted sweater made with natural fiber is likely to outlast two or more synthetic fiber sweaters. What is more, natural fibers are breathable, so they are much more comfortable.

Check the Seams

You may have noticed that most of the sweaters that get worn out tend to fray at the seams. So the seams can be an essential indicator of the sweater quality. Even if you do not have much experience in buying woolens, you can simply check if there are loose threads or rough edges. Many people feel that loose threads can be easily trimmed at home.

While this may be true for other kinds of fabrics, woolens are woven in an interconnected pattern. So, when you cut one thread, the entire sweater can give away. The best pick then is the sweaters that have a smooth seam.

Choose Color Wisely

Before you buy sweaters, it is always essential to understand the purpose of your purchase. If you plan to buy a go-to sweater that you are likely to wear all through winter, then natural colors are the best pick. They go with every kind of outfit and can be styled in several different ways as per your liking.

However, if you are buying your sweater for any particular occasion, or matching a particular outfit, then you can be more experimental with the colors. Hand knit sweaters also come in different patterns, so make sure you take that into account while making your pick.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can make the best buy for the winter season.

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