5 Benefits of Knitwear for Travel

Knitting has been an essential part of the cultures all across the world. Leading designers such as Coco Chanel have also used knitwear in their collection owing to the superb style and comfort it offers. While knitwear is mainly being made in machines these days,

How to Knit Sweaters That You Can Actually Wear?

Are you a fan of hand knitted sweaters? If yes, then you must try to learn the art of knitting sweaters and other woolen garments yourself. While the job is not easy, you’ll have a good time when trying to make a sweater or cardigan

The Cowichan Sweater: A Canadian Original

Canada is well-known for its harsh winters. While snow and extreme temperatures are hallmarks of winters inland, coastal regions face the additional unpleasantness of a penetrating dampness. Even temperate zones where snow is rare aren’t immune to the bone-chilling cold. When fishing crews began crossing the
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